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Renewable energy for your home: much more than Solar panels and supply.

Our 360° integrated solutions can help you improve the energy efficiency of your home: from the energy consumption survey to solar panel installation. All while reducing your carbon footprint!

Start saving and enjoying all the advantages self-consumption has to offer.

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Connect to MyGreenHouse solar savings

Using solar energy, we help homes become more efficient and reduce their electricity bills by using self-consumption and self-supply.

My energy: tu nuevo suministro eléctrico

Para que tu ahorro solar sea total, además de instalar tus placas solares, en MyGreenHouse te ofrecemos el servicio de suministro eléctrico con grandes ventajas y beneficios:

Luz a precio coste


Sin permanencias ni sobresaltos a final de mes


Gestión sencilla y rápida

At MyGreenHouse we will be with you every step of the way.

Free survey



Installation/Project management


Why install photovoltaic panels with MyGreenHouse?

Residential projects
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kW of installed capacity
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Tons of C02
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Trees planted
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More than 750 installations in Spain


Desde 50 €/mes


Desde 50 €/mes

+ Sin entrada

+ Amortización parcial disponible

+ Lo gestionamos por ti

Desde 50 €/mes

Financia tu instalación de placas solares o paga al contado. ¡Tú eliges!

Consigue tu estudio personalizado y elige cómo conseguir tus placas solares

We take care of the subsidies for you

Subsidies from European funds

State grants and/or regional aid

Tax deductions and/or IBI-ICIO

Gestionamos las subvenciones por ti


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Our vision is to help shape a better world by changing the way we consume energy, and creating 100% green homes and businesses thanks to self-consumption. If you are passionate about challenges, MyGreenHouse is the place for you. Would you like to join us?

If you are an installer or commercial technician, become a partner and enjoy all the advantages we have to offer.



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