Renewable energy for the agricultural sector

Reduce electricity (and fuel) costs on your farm thanks to solar energy for agricultural irrigation.

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Push for renewable energy on your farm

Without depending on anyone

As the energy is generated on your land, it can be used in remote areas without electricity or difficulty in accessing the diesel tank.

Very easy to install

You just need to connect the irrigation network to the solar pump.

High efficiency

The times of greatest need for water coincide with the times of greatest solar radiation.


Payback periods can be as short as two years.

Monitor and automate the installation

You can monitor the solar panels for solar pumping and control the system via the app.

Low maintenance

Systems of this type require virtually no maintenance

Use renewable energy in your agricultural irrigation network

With solar pumping for agricultural irrigation, the agricultural sector is committed to renewable energy as it can be tailored to your specific needs. In this way, solar energy allows you to have (at no cost) all the energy you need for irrigation in the hottest months.

Agricultural irrigation can be accomplished with solar pumps directly connected to solar panels, which allows you to have free irrigation in the hottest months.


Do you have doubts about renewable energies for agricultural use? Solve them here!

Can I install solar panels in my agricultural project?

Of course, you can! You only need to have the space to install them and start enjoying all the advantages offered by solar energy for agricultural irrigation.

In this type of installation, the payback time is usually minimal, between 2-6 years. Bearing in mind that the useful life of the installation is around 20 to 25 years operating at 80%, the balance is positive.

However, there are different variables to take into account to obtain the exact amortisation period. For example:

Type of pumping to be implemented (hybrid, isolated, raft…).

  • Whether it is a new installation or an upgrade/refurbishment of an existing installation.
  • Access to the grid. If the area is in a location with an open connection to the electricity grid.
  • Others

Mygreenhouse stands as a specialist in this type of installation and we will be able to recommend the best option for you, always taking into account the profitability-productivity binomial.

A solar pumping kit is made up of:

  • Solar panels, transform solar energy into electrical energy.
  • Converter.

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Victor Navarro
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"The experience was fantastic! I will certainly use MYGREENHOUSE again when the installation can be extended in the future."
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Efficiency and effectiveness from a super-friendly and approachable team.
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I'm incredibly grateful to the team for the wonderful customer service they’ve provided throughout the whole process.
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The best thing was the bespoke customer service and the way their friendly team dealt with things.
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All good! Helpful advice, follow-up and installation. I am more than satisfied with my choice and would always recommend Mygreenhouse to others.
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Wejust installed our solar panels with the help of this company. Wewere very pleased with the entire process, from Fernando's initial feasibility studyto the installation. I highly recommend them.
Isabel Sevilla
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Everything was stress free. We received both sound advice and a smooth installation of the solar panels.

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