What do you need to install solar panels on buildings?


It isn’t always enough simply deciding to do it, or having the money to do it. In fact, in order to install solar panels, you need to meet certain requirements to ensure that the project is viable and profitable. 

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Solar panel

2022 is bringing us many challenges in terms of energy efficiency. One of the most crucial is to know how to overcome the continuous rise in electricity prices, which have reached record highs over the past year.

What is the average price of a photovoltaic installation in Spain?

precio instalacion fotovoltaica

Installing photovoltaic panels in a home or business has many advantages. One of the most compelling reasons is their profitability, because energy self-consumption installations allow us to save money on our bills from day one, and for many years. Added to that, the cost of their maintenance is minimal throughout their useful life. In order […]