5 advantages and disadvantages of solar energy

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Self-consumption is here to stay. In terms of energy, we’re talking about individual and personal electricity production, either for domestic or business use, thanks to systems such as photovoltaic panels, which, when placed on roofs or terraces, transform the sun’s energy into electricity.

Cleaning Solar Panels: Tips and Advice

Cleaning photovoltaic solar panels correctly is an essential part of their maintenance, which will help to extend their lifespan. These panels are usually very exposed, on roofs and terraces, and it’s important to keep them clean. This means that they can easily get dirty and covered by leaves, branches, dust, pollen, or other contaminants. 

What is the approximate life span of solar panels?

Before installing solar panels in a home or business, it is imperative to consider several different factors. One of the most important considerations is financial, and everything related to making an investment of this nature.

MyGreenHouse: Solar panel companies you can trust

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2022 is bringing us many challenges in terms of energy efficiency. One of the most crucial is to know how to overcome the continuous rise in electricity prices, which have reached record highs over the past year.

Solar panel grants: How to get them

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As you probably already know, the government has approved this year 2021 a package of grants for solar panels within a global plan of up to 1,320 million euros (Royal Decree 477/202).

What is the average price of a photovoltaic installation in Spain?

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Installing photovoltaic panels in a home or business has many advantages. One of the most compelling reasons is their profitability, because energy self-consumption installations allow us to save money on our bills from day one, and for many years. Added to that, the cost of their maintenance is minimal throughout their useful life. In order […]