How to calculate photovoltaic savings


Saving money with photovoltaic panels is certainly possible. Installing solar panels has many advantages, and one of the most important ones is how much money we can save, which is particularly relevant in these difficult times.

Grants to install solar panels in Valencia

Grants to install solar panels in Valencia

In recent years, both the Spanish Government and the autonomous communities and town councils have introduced subsidies and grants for the installation of solar panels.

Is it possible to install solar panels on a communal roof?

Is it possible to install solar panels on a communal roof?

Solar panels are one of the best renewable energy options in the domestic and business sectors. In fact, nowadays it is also quite common to see photovoltaic installations in rural areas, such as agricultural and livestock farms, as well as public buildings, industrial warehouses, isolated farms, villas, and single-family houses.

Buildings of the future: what will they look like?

How do you imagine a building of the future? Remote control, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, augmented reality… These concepts are becoming increasingly familiar and they can be applied to all areas of our lives, including our homes and workplaces.

What is the lifespan of solar panel batteries?

Photovoltaic installations enable us to produce electricity for our homes and businesses independently and make financial savings regardless of the fluctuations in energy prices. The experts at MyGreenHouse are well aware that each self-consumption installation is different and has specific requirements in terms of the number of panels, the amount of energy to be produced, […]

How to know how many solar panels my house needs

The number of solar panels that their house will need is one of the issues that most concerns our customers, as this will determine the total price of the photovoltaic installation, and is an essential factor if you want to get the most out of the system.

Quality solar photovoltaic panel brands

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Are you familiar with these quality solar photovoltaic panel brands? The choice of solar panels is fundamental if you want to achieve a functional and efficient PV system, and it will determine the payback time and the installation’s overall performance.

5 advantages and disadvantages of solar energy

5 ventajas e inconvenientes de la energía solar - Mygreenhouse

Self-consumption is here to stay. In terms of energy, we’re talking about individual and personal electricity production, either for domestic or business use, thanks to systems such as photovoltaic panels, which, when placed on roofs or terraces, transform the sun’s energy into electricity.