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Quality solar photovoltaic panel brands

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Are you familiar with these quality solar photovoltaic panel brands? The choice of solar panels is fundamental if you want to achieve a functional and efficient PV system, and it will determine the payback time and the installation’s overall performance. 

However, finding the best PV module can be a challenge, due to the enormous choice of solar panels and companies on the market. MyGreenHouse is here to help and we are going to tell you the best solar panels you can get.

How to assess solar panel quality

como valorar la calidad de los paneles solares - mygreenhouse

It isn’t possible to check the quality of solar panels with the naked eye; you can find out the quality standards and technical specifications in the product manual or by consulting the manufacturer or installer.

From a legal point of view, the manufacture of photovoltaic modules is governed by a series of different standards which have been established by the International Electrotechnical Commission.

These include the IEC 61215 and IEC 61646 standards (which certify that the panels meet certain electrical and mechanical stability parameters), the IEC 61730 standard (which addresses issues relating to prevention against electric shock, fire risks and bodily injury) and the IEC 61215 standard (which addresses electrical performance).

Likewise, solar panels must have a TŇįV certification, which guarantees that the photovoltaic module has successfully passed the tests carried out by the German TŇįV laboratory.¬†

In the same vein, solar panels must have two guarantees: covering both the product and energy production.

The first guarantee will replace the module or reimburse its cost if the panel stops working for no reason; the second guarantees that the panel will produce 100% energy, without any loss of performance, for a specific period of time (normally 25 years).

Another criterion when choosing solar panel brands is their efficiency, which will be influenced, in addition to the module itself, by external elements such as the design and location of the installation, or the amount of solar radiation captured.

High-efficiency panels offer an efficiency of between 12 and 20%. However, this percentage is not so much related to the quality as to the configuration of the installation. If you have little space on the roof, you will have to opt for panels with a better performance, while if you have more space at your disposal, then you can choose less productive and more economically affordable panels. 

The same is true for power tolerance; the best solar panels have a “positive” tolerance, meaning that they produce at least the specified power output of the panel.

For example, a 165 W module with a tolerance of +/- 5% can produce from 156.75 W up to 173.25 W. However, a 200 W module with + 5% / – 0% tolerance will produce a minimum of 200 W and a maximum of 210 W.

The other factor that often relates to solar panel quality is the temperature coefficient, which determines the electrical behaviour of the photovoltaic modules at a standard temperature of 25 ¬įC.¬†

In essence, the lower the temperature coefficient, the higher the performance of the panel in very hot conditions or in the early afternoon. The appropriate percentage is considered to be between 0.3% and 0.5%.

Solar photovoltaic panels brands: our recommendations

Here at MyGreenHouse, we design photovoltaic installations both for individuals and companies. Our experience in the sector has enabled us to work with different brands and suppliers, and we are very aware which ones meet our quality standards.

One such brand is TSC PowerXT, which offers solar panels with an efficiency of more than 20%. Their modules have fewer gaps between the solar cells and are manufactured with a black back sheet and black frames, giving them a striking appearance and higher efficiency.

In addition to their aesthetics and efficiency, PowerXT panels offer improved shade tolerance and produce more energy per square metre of surface area, reducing the overall cost of the installation due to fewer components.

Finally, their seamless cell interconnections are highly reliable and designed to exceed the 25-year product and power warranty.

Another leading solar panel brand is Panasonic, which uses proprietary heterojunction technology to manufacture ultra-thin amorphous silicon layers, a physical characteristic that has helped them create panels with double layers, thus reducing losses and improving performance.

Just like the previous ones, Panasonic HIT¬ģ solar panels have a 25-year product and performance warranty, with a rated output of 86.2% after this time.¬†

Other features that make Panasonic one of the best solar panel brands are their high performance at high temperatures (-0.258% / ¬įC), low degradation, superior efficiency at 20.4%, and unique water drainage, which improves maintenance and cleaning.

Our third choice of solar panel brands is Jinergy.

Its JNMM144-435 – 455 (L) panel is a high-efficiency mono solar module with a Ga-doped silicon wafer and SE technology for improved cell conversion.

With its half-cell design and MBB to reduce the effects of shade, improve module reliability and reduce losses, it offers a cell efficiency of > 22.8% and a positive power tolerance of 0 ~ + 5W. 

Another peculiarity of this module is its stable mechanical performance: it withstands 5400 Pa of snow and 2400 Pa of wind.


Do you need any more information? 

There’s no doubt that installing solar panels is an important decision. Because of this, we highly recommend that you seek expert advice to help you design the most suitable installation for your home or business, according to its orientation, geographical location, or available roof space. Call us and ask for your free study!


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